Who lends me to buy a house if I have a transportation business?

There is a sector dedicated to the transportation business in Mexico that have the solvency to buy a house. However, they stop their opportunities when financial institutions do not consider them candidates to acquire a mortgage loan.

If you dedicate yourself to the transport business, here we will tell you where you can get the necessary financing to a brand new home.

A Sofom


One of the most viable options to buy a house is through a mortgage loan through a Multiple Purpose Financial Company (Sofom).

These financial institutions are a bit different from traditional banking schemes, which are often stricter in their mortgage loan processes, as well as in the requirements, for example, income verification.

If this is your situation, a Sofom can be the alternative to get the necessary resources to start building your assets.

ION, your best financial option


ION Financiera is a Sofom that understands that there are many ways to generate income. Such is the case with carriers.

One concern that people in the transportation business have is that they do not necessarily have strong management that allows them to identify business and personal earnings.

This type of situation can cause people dedicated to this sector to believe that they will be rejected by financial institutions. However, it is not necessarily.

The advantage with ION is that we have a scheme that makes it easier for you to verify income even when you do not receive any payroll receipt or accounts with any proof of tax payment.

How does it work with ION Financiera?

The first thing you should do is prequalify yourself so that you can get a rough idea of ​​what your financing can be with ION Financiera.

Once you have been pre-qualified, a commercial advisor will contact you to explore the opportunities you have to acquire a figure similar to the one you obtained in the pre-qualifier.

The next step is to apply for the mortgage loan, this can be done with the help of the commercial advisor who contacted you.

After filling out the application, a socioeconomic study is carried out. What we do is an assessment of your context. In case you need a higher credit than you can get, you can pool.

You have the opportunity to add your income with that of another person, be it a friend or family member. In case of having additional sources of income, they are also taken into account.

Subsequently, the application and its socioeconomic study will go through a short evaluation process.

This entire process will last approximately 15 days, depending on factors such as getting your disposition as soon as possible to visit your home or business.

What should I really consider?


The most important thing is that you consider the following:

  • For every million pesos that you request, you need to verify a minimum of $ 40,000 MXN per month of income.
  • You can request from 2 to 10 million pesos to buy your house, land or apartment.
  • Plan your expenses, because you must dedicate a third of your income to paying your mortgage loan at most.
  • The property you want to acquire must be within the coverage area of ​​ION Financiera. Check the coverage here .
  • Have a credit history without bad payment references.
  • Have a rating in the Credit Bureau of at least 500 points.
  • Have a minimum saving of 10% of the total price of the house you wish to purchase for the down payment, plus 8% of the total value for notarial expenses.

Requirements to request a mortgage loan with ION Financiera


To apply for a mortgage loan, you need to have the following on hand:

  • Be over 21 years of age
  • Official identification
  • Credit request
  • Proof of address
  • Deliver the checklist for purchasing a home
  • Authorization to review your credit history

As you have read, the opportunities to obtain resources to start making a heritage when you dedicate yourself to the transport business is possible.

With the alternatives in the financial market such as those of ION, it is more than viable to obtain a mortgage loan, as long as you decide to do so; next time your trip will be to your new home.