The new areas that are an investment trend in CDMX

The real estate industry in Mexico grows day by day, the housing demand is increasing in the capital of the country, due to the number of inhabitants.

According to a study conducted by Plusvalía, Mexico City requires the renovation of around 45,000 homes and the construction of 40,000 annually to meet the purchasing demand of citizens.

Data from the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing indicate that from 2013 to 2030 more than 957 thousand homes will be built in the capital and that it is committed to new areas that will become an investment trend.

Why invest in these new trends?

There are two important reasons why this type of investment can be your golden pass, the first is for the capital gain and the second for the usufruct.

Living or buying real estate in the best neighborhoods will guarantee that over time your property acquires much more value. In addition to that you will live in the most exclusive and trendiest areas of the moment.

Now, if you want to invest in real estate, this option is also ideal to grow your capital.

Since you know why it is convenient for you to invest in this type of property, we will tell you what these new investment opportunities are in real estate developments.

Nuevo Polanco – Colonia Granada


Polanco has always been one of the most exclusive areas with the highest added value in Mexico City, which is why it represents a real estate investment opportunity.

In the north of Polanco is the Granada and Ampliación Granada neighborhood, which has been colloquially baptized as Nuevo Polanco due to the popularity of the real estate and urban development that it has acquired in recent years.

This place has great industrial skills, shopping centers such as Antara Fashion Hall, Parques Polanco and Plaza Carso. This area had accelerated growth and is currently one of the areas with the highest added value in all of Mexico City.

According to Expansive, Nuevo Polanco doubled the value of properties by 30% in a two-year period, mainly in the Granada Irrigation and Ampliación Granada neighborhoods.

In 2010 the square meter in Nuevo Polanco had an approximate value of 30 thousand pesos and is currently in a range of 70 thousand.

In addition, this area has great business potential, as it has a wide variety of corporate and commercial premises.

Atlampa – Santa María de la Ribera


The acquisition of real estate in Atalmpa, north of the Santa María de la Ribera neighborhood is one of the ideal options for those who want to live in a good area and at affordable prices.

This place is ideal for professionals who are looking for central places as it connects with Circuito Interior and Avenida Insurgentes north, in addition to being very close to the Metrobús line 1 service.

This area is one of those that have taken important turns in the real estate sector since specialists predict that in the coming years its capital gains will greatly benefit.

Currently, the capital gain of Santa María de la Ribera ranges between 14% and they have constant projects to improve buildings and public spaces, which could increase the value of properties in the long term.

Colonia Doctors


Colonia Doctores is another area that is experiencing a real estate boom, as more and more people want to buy or rent a house or apartment in this place.

This option is ideal since it has a wide range of services such as mobility, shopping centers, entertainment and proximity to many of the capital’s main work centers, making it an alternative for professionals.

The real estate potential of this area is vertical, that is, the buying and selling of apartments predominates. And in recent years, more housing developments began to appear.

Another point that is attractive to citizens is the affordability of prices and the increase in capital gains, which is approximately 5% with a view to a gradual increase.

This place is also ideal for families since in its surroundings there are approximately 159 schools and six large parks to have a good time with the family.

Hospital Zone – Tlalpan


Tlalpan and its adjacent neighborhoods are characterized by being an area inhabited by hospitals, which is why it has become one of the ideal places to purchase properties.

This option is ideal for personnel who work in the hospital area, the prices are affordable, compared to other places in Mexico City.

According to a study carried out by the Plusvalía magazine, this area has in its surroundings 19 shopping centers, 141 schools, 22 hospitals and potential of own housing of 62% and a capital gain ranging from 11 to 25% of potential Increment.

Now that you know the areas that are an investment trend in Mexico City, you will be able to have a panorama far beyond the most demanding neighborhoods such as Condesa, Roma or Valle del Valle.

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