The married man wants to! Bet on a home of your own

You have just gotten married or have already been married for a couple of years and still don’t think about stopping renting or leaving your parents ‘or in-laws’ house? It is time to take action!

Let me tell you that having your own home IS POSSIBLE and, above all, it is necessary.

In this article, you will find the reasons why you should have your own home and how to make it possible with the support of ION Financiera.

The married house wants is a reality


In this new stage of their life, it is extremely necessary that they have their own space to develop healthily as a couple.

What do I mean?

If you continue to live with relatives, it is possible that your marriage decisions are influenced by the opinions of third parties or that they may not have the autonomy that you would like, since the house is not yours.

It does not matter how good your relationship with the family is, since a home of your own is synonymous with independence and individuality; I doubt that you have not thought about how nice it would be to have your own space, decorate it to your liking and use certain rooms for things that interest you …

And above all, not having to explain your movements to anyone.

In case they rent, something similar happens, although you can live alone with your partner, there are an infinity of things that they cannot do to live in a space that is not theirs.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to say goodbye to rents and use that money for something of your own?

3 advantages of owning your own home

We are going to delve more into some of the advantages that we already mentioned.

Start building your heritage


Owning real estate is the first step in building an estate for yourself and your children.

Not only does it give you the security of knowing that the roof where you sleep is yours, but also, the house increases in value over time, a phenomenon also known as capital gains.

According to the location and the improvements that are implemented, a house that initially cost them, for example, 700 thousand pesos, can double or triple its value.

Thus, if they decide to sell it to buy another or, when it is time to inherit, they will have left an estate for their children.

Own space


Here it is not only about being the owners of this space.

We are talking about having absolute privacy in their spaces to do what they prefer in each of them.

I mean simple things, but of great importance, such as arriving at the time that suits them without notifying the family or the tenant of each of their movements.

Cook until very late without being afraid of waking up anyone (in case they live with relatives).

Invite your friends or other family members to spend an afternoon with you or organize a party, without having to ask permission to do so.

It is about finally being able to live adulthood as a couple as they have always wanted.

Decorate and remodel to your liking


One of the most important points of this decision is that you will have a complete certainty that the space is entire and COMPLETELY YOURS.

Do you have an idea of ​​what your ideal home would be like? If you rent insurance they have come up with some improvements that you cannot implement, because, finally, it is NOT your home.

Owning your home will give them carte blanche to make it what they have always wanted.

Decorate it to your liking, in a way that reflects your personality and that of your partner, and thus in each space, see a piece of you and feel satisfied.

And over time, if you feel it is necessary, do some remodeling, which in turn will add to your capital gain.

Maybe expand a room or build another. Make room for a new garden, change the facade or implement solar panels – the options are many!

Make it happen through ION Financiera


At ION FInanciera we pride ourselves on making the goal of homeownership a reality for many people.

To get started, we have a wide variety of income testing options so you can have the home you want.

If you are an independent worker, merchant, service provider, among other profiles that regularly find it difficult to acquire a property in a traditional way, ION Financiera is your option.

Through our credit prequalifier you can check the credit line that best suits your needs, find out how much your monthly payments would be, initial expenses, insurance, term and financing that we can grant you at ION Financiera.

Contact us and start giving the ideal shape to your marriage with your own home.