Take advantage of your Christmas bonus for the down payment of your house

The year is about to end, during these dates it is very important to take into account the many benefits that we can have by receiving our Christmas bonus; These last months of the year can also be critical to make big decisions.

In light of a new year looming before us, we can think of it as a great opportunity to improve ourselves and achieve one of our goals. To be able to give our family security and really make our money count.

Despite the above, many of us do not know at all or are not very sure in what ways we can intelligently use our Christmas bonus. Many times our doubt reaches such a degree that we only manage to save it (in the best of cases).

How to enforce our Christmas bonus then? The most successful answer that we can think of, although it does not cross the minds of many people, is to use this extra income to be able to acquire a house, in which we can have much more stability with the family.


Of course, with our bonus, it will not be enough to buy the real estate we want, however, this benefit can give us a formidable help when making the first big investment in a house: the down payment.

That is why in the following article we list some practical reasons why you can make use of your Christmas bonus for the down payment of your future home.

Aguinaldo, a strategically

Let us think of the Christmas bonus and bonuses as the foundation stone of what will be our future great patrimony, therefore, we should not make them less important; on the contrary, since with it, we can take a firm step toward the goal of obtaining our new home.

1. Take advantage of it as the total down payment

art-02-Take advantage-of-it-as-the-total-of-the-down payment

Let’s take advantage of this money to use it safely. One of the most viable recommendations to invest it is in an asset for us and our family, use it as the initial path for the acquisition of real estate, a long-term investment.

The bonus can serve as the total balance of the down payment of your house because during the last months of the year it is also combined with the bonuses.

This investment is a very safe way to assert our money, and using our bonus will make the down payment, not hitting our numbers, because month after month we have expenses that may not allow us to save for the down payment.

2. We will enjoy this benefit only once, until next year


It may be said easy, however, a year is not anything, so the time interval between one and the other means that you only have the opportunity to make this important decision once a year.

In addition, in a year many things can change or they can anticipate buying the residence that had been to our liking, that is why as long as we have the Christmas bonus in hand and want to buy a house, we make a decision as soon as possible.

3. Let’s not see it as an expense, but as an investment


One of the things for which we make our money worth in this way is precisely so that this investment is profitable and gives us a benefit, a profit. Well, there is no better way to take advantage of our capital than to use our Christmas bonus to pay the down payment on your new house.

Although it may not seem like it, the investment of making a down payment on a house with the funds from the Christmas bonus is a very practical way to start this important process in our life and the life of our family.

4. If we already gave the down payment, we advance payments with the bonus

art-05-If-we-already-gave-the-down payment-let's forward-payments-with-the-bonus

Let us think that we have already taken the step a few months before they have deposited the Christmas bonus and we have paid the down payment on our new home. Is it worth thinking about using our bonuses to continue this cause?

Sure it is! It is actually one of the smartest decisions we can make. For this, we keep in mind that the funds from our Christmas bonus can be used to make advance payments on our house.

The sooner we do and the more times we do this, we will be able to give security to ours, by doing this, we will accelerate the payment of the mortgage.

Let’s make this period of abundance one of superabundance

When we talk about dates like November and December, one of the things we think about the most is precisely the great abundance that is seen; be it of colors, smells, parties, banquets, gifts, joy and backgrounds.

We have the possibility of enhancing this abundance much more when asserting our funds for the year that is ending for a home that will bring us much more joy and tranquility than in the days of the Christmas holidays. In fact, this is for life.

That is why we must not miss this opportunity to take firm steps towards our new home.

Let’s seriously consider the possibility of acquiring real estate with the support of ION Financiera, with whom you can verify income in a non-traditional way using, for example, invoices, work logs, or socioeconomic studies.

Through the Credit Prequalifier we can accelerate the process to be able to acquire our new home and with it, enjoy our superabundance.