Take advantage of the 2018 elections and buy your house

Obtaining a mortgage loan in pre-election times in Mexico is a good idea to ensure fixed interest rates.

If you are thinking of consolidating your assets, we will tell you why we are facing a favorable outlook and how to take advantage of this electoral season.

Experts in the real estate industry study the political and economic environment of our country prior to the electoral process that is about to take place and have noticed an acceleration in the intention to buy a home.

People who are thinking of buying a house are rushing to take out mortgage loans in order to hook the current conditions offered by financial and banking institutions.

“Given that interest rates even with the increases remain stable, it is still attractive to invest in real estate, either for family growth or as a productive investment confirmed Blanca Garza, counselor of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI).

The counselor of AMPI commented that people, feeling uncertain, seek to invest in durable goods such as real estate, which undoubtedly offer a safe investment.

For his part, the general director of Realty World Koinox, Fernando González Rocha, assured that less fear is perceived in this electoral season than in the past.

The best indicator of this is that people are investing. “In other electoral processes, people were more restless and stopped investing

Finally, Marco Antonio Salazar Peñiñuri, president of the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry of Nuevo León, urged the candidates to build a pro-housing program to complement the subsidy that is not enough.

Another important factor that you should know is that housing institutions will continue to grant mortgage loans even during the electoral closed season, since, as mentioned by the Executive Member of Fovissste, Luis Antonio Godina. Herrera, it is an implacable right.

“Governments are not paralyzed in electoral times. Imagine that we no longer gave credit during the three months that the campaigns last; it means canceling a right, a benefit that you have access to and we have the obligation to grant, ”assured Luis Antonio Godina Herrera.

In case you didn’t know, at ION Financiera we have programs that complement the FOVISSSTE scheme, making mortgage loan schemes attractive. How does it work?

If FOVISSSTE has already authorized your credit but it is not the necessary amount for the house you want, you can make a co-financing or Cofinavit, which allows you to complete the amount you are looking for with the support of a financial institution, in this case, ION Financiera.

We grant you the credit according to your income, your payments and the people who are holders. Do you find it attractive?

For these reasons, we are facing an ideal scenario to obtain a mortgage loan and secure the future.

After knowing the advantages you have when applying for a mortgage loan at election time, below and in a complementary way, we share an idea of ​​how to take advantage of your real estate once you already have it.

Buy to rent

One way to earn money in the medium and long term is to buy a property and rent it.

Making a real estate investment of this type can generate a return of money without much effort. Below we will show you a table where the different indicators that come into play when faced with an investment in real estate are identified.

  • BLUE: Home equity capital
  • GREEN: Amortization of credit
  • PURPLE: Annual income
  • ORANGE: Annual payment

This exercise considers the 5-year loan.

Screenshot 2018-04-12 at 14.45.26

Capital gain

The blue line shows how the value of your home increases over time, this is called equity. The property that you buy today for 3.5 million, in five years will have a resale value of approximately 4 million 200 thousand pesos.

The home equity capital is being considered under an assumption of an annual increase of 4%.

The gain from capital gains would be around $ 700 thousand pesos approximately. Only in this next administration.


If the house is in an urban area of ​​high demand, for example, the Narvarte neighborhood, considering the average rents and the size of the property, you could rent it for $ 15 thousand pesos in the first year and as time goes by you can increase the quota.

Rental income assuming an annual cost of living increase of 4% behaves as follows:

Year Monthly rental price Annual income
1 $ 15,000 $ 180,000
2 $ 15,600 $ 187,200
3 $ 16,224 $ 194,688
4 $ 16,872 $ 202,475
5 $ 17,546 $ 210,562

Total Gain from rentals in 5 years: $ 974,925 *

* Both the graph and the table shown above are a calculation obtained from the ION Financiera simulator for illustrative purposes, so it does not imply the assumption of an obligation or commitment by ION Financiera.

In this example, the loan was for $ 3,150,000 pesos. The rental income would be paying 30.9% of the loan. That is, you would only be taking 70% of your mortgage loan out of your bag, the other 30% you would be receiving directly from your tenants.

Are you ready to request your mortgage loan with ION FInanciera?

Waiting for months or years to pass will make your investment less attractive. You have already seen that there are favorable rates and that there are attractive financing programs, so start your process today.