September Testament Month: Ensure the Stability of Yours

A united family is the most important inheritance that can be left to a loved one and one of the vital factors to achieve this is to leave the will in order.

The reason is that this way you will avoid fights and/or problems in your family to agree on the distribution of assets.

September is the month chosen for the “testament month” campaign, by the Ministry of the Interior, the Mexican Notaries and local governments.

The objective is to promote the culture of foresight and enforce the right to inherit in a responsible and smooth way.

Here are the five advantages of making your will and why you should take the opportunity to get yours ready this September as stipulated by the Government of the Republic and Condusef.

Discover the advantages of leaving your goods in order

1. Benefits that you will only find in September

Notaries throughout the Mexican Republic offer free legal advice during this month and extend their opening hours.

It is also common for their fees to be discounted, which makes creating the will easier and more accessible.

2. Processing it is easy

The Civil Code of each State of the country is the one that decides the types of necessary requirements, but the most important is your official photo identification.

Anyone over the age of 16, with their mental faculties intact, can process a will and without the need for witnesses unless they have a disability.

3. Take advantage and save

Without a doubt, the biggest advantage of September, the month of the will, are the discounts of up to 50 percent that you can obtain in its process.

In addition, having a will makes the succession process easier, saving your family members from a costly legal process.

4. Designated protection for your loved ones

Through the will you stipulate how you want your assets to be distributed, without a doubt.

If your children are minors, you must also appoint a guardian or executor who will take care of them.

5. Goodbye cumbersome legal proceedings

Having a will is making your wishes known until the last moment and with that, you save your loved ones legal procedures that could end in litigation.

On the other hand, you also ensure that the people you want receive what you want, immediately, creating and protecting heritage.

Types of will

We will briefly tell you how wills are classified so that you can see your options when processing yours.

  1. Open public: made before a notary public, it is when you choose in front of him the people who will inherit your goods and properties.
  2. Closed public: the will with your last instructions is kept by the notary public, duly closed and sealed until it is opened.
  3. Simplified public: it is when in the same deed of acquisition of a property it is stipulated who will be the owners after your death.
  4. Holograph: it is when you leave it written in your own hand, however, it will not be valid unless it is endorsed by an authority before your departure.

Do not wait any longer and process yours

The hours and days of attention vary according to the state in which you are, to obtain more information about when they can attend you call:

Notaries Association of the Federal District (Mexico City)

55-111819 and 55-253795

Colegio Nacional del Notariado Mexicano AC (rest of the Mexican Republic)

55-146058 and 55-256415

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