Residential and Residential Plus Housing

It was until this decade that the Mexican Mortgage Association issued a homologated classification of the types of housing in order to provide a better presence and operation to all sectors of the branch, which was welcomed by the government sector.

This classification includes six categories of homes according to their value: economic, popular, traditional, average, residential housing and residential housing plus.

The first three correspond to the real estate sector that operates under the heading of “social interest houses”, while the residential and residential plus categories are at the top of this market.

So for now, we will take care of detailing these last two and you will see why they are the best options.

Residential housing


Popularly, the idea that a residence is characterized mainly by being in a private area or with controlled traffic has been popularized.

However, this is not the case, the characteristics of residential housing go beyond being located in a certain subdivision or private and although it would be difficult to standardize all its characteristics, we can highlight the following:

– They are usually built on large grounds


According to the classification of the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers, they usually occupy an average space of 145 to 220 square meters, almost twice the surface that an average house requires.

– Its value can be up to 80 percent higher than the average home


Until 2018, the value of these homes ranged between $ 1,988,100.00 pesos and $ 3,976,200.00 pesos.

– Greater number of rooms and bathrooms


We can find residences with an average of three to five bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, utility room, family room and three to four bedrooms. Additionally, they can have spaces for specific uses such as study, room, office, etc.

– By the way of construction


They are designed and built with the assistance of a specialized professional or the owner carries out the construction; their building can be two floors or more and have their own garden.

– For its finishes and interior designs


They present customization that reflects the taste of their owner, they can have classic, modern, minimalist styles, etc., these details highlight the quality and luxury that puts them well above the homes classified as economic at a medium level.

It can be said that residential housing covers not only the basic needs of its occupants but also their tastes and personality.

These properties have begun to show considerable growth in the real estate sector; As of 2013, they have reported average growth of between 7 and 10% per year.

Residential plus


At the top of the housing classification, these properties, also known as luxury homes, have presented an increasing trend.

They may have in common with the residential house, that they are also designed and built by a specialized professional or by the owner himself, as well as presenting personalized and luxurious finishes, in generic terms.

Now we will highlight its particularities.

– Due to the size of its land


The Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers has identified these homes with surfaces of 225 square meters onwards.

– For its value. From 3,976,200.00 pesos onwards.

– For its spaces


From 3 to 5 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, from 3 to more bedrooms, from 1 to 2 utility rooms, spaces assigned for specific uses such as study, office, game room, reception, etc., own green spaces that even , may contain recreational elements such as games, pools, fountains or others.

These buildings go far beyond the basic need for a room, they can contain elements that increase your comfort and privilege amenities thanks to new technologies and lighting controls, water installations, gas, electrical systems, even sounds and controlled climate and several more.

Regarding their location, they are located in private and controlled access areas, in addition to having security, cleaning and commercial services.

In the case of plus residence developments, they are usually integrated into their public spaces, areas for gyms, tracks, courts, pools and more.

In Mexico City, the development of houses plus has been concentrated to a greater extent in Bosques de las Lomas, Lomas de Chapultepec, Pedregal San Ángel, Polanco and Santa Fe.

It is a segment in the real estate market that has been slightly preferred by single people, as well as by couples who do not want children.

However, financing through a mortgage loan continues to be the best option to finance these homes, and residential housing, so you should approach your advisor to calculate the mortgage loan that best suits your needs.