In which property to invest if you plan to take out a mortgage loan


If you are a real estate investor or you plan to become one, you should keep in mind that one of the first rules within the industry is diversification.

Before investing in an asset, you must analyze your profile in detail to determine in what type of properties it is convenient for you to invest and based on this analysis apply for a mortgage loan.

Below we list the four types of properties in which an investment could suit you.

Properties for rent


The rental of real estate is one of the most attractive businesses in the real estate sector and also brings great profits to those who decide to undertake it.

If your idea is to acquire properties to put them up for rent, the first thing you should take into account is that you will have to manage each of them.

This type of investment is long-term and you begin to see the returns, according to the experts, in a period of approximately four years.

To become an excellent real estate investor you must consider some aspects that we list below.



This is perhaps one of the most important aspects that you should take into account when deciding to invest in a rental property.

Choosing the location will be your ticket for you to recover your investment. The ideal is to opt for an area that has all the nearby services.

That is to say, that it is a place with access to public transport, supermarkets and avenues.

Property type


Specialists point out that the best option is to invest in properties whose income range is accessible to a larger segment of the market.

To properly choose the property for which you will apply for the mortgage, you must first take into account what your target market is, since it will be what the investment parameter sets.

New call to action

Properties for resale


The purpose of this type of investment is to purchase properties with a high potential for capital gains.

Among the main tips for this type of acquisition is to invest in a pre-sale, which you can finance through a mortgage loan.

This will give you the opportunity to acquire a completely new good with a high possibility of raising its price.

In addition to this, another point that will allow the capital gain of the property to increase is the location, so you must be very wise when choosing the area in which you will acquire the property.

According to data from Plusvalía magazine, with this kind of investment, you can earn up to 35% of what you invest.

Properties to remodel 


This type of investment has pros and cons, on the one hand, real estate investors choose to buy used properties because remodeling them will increase their value exponentially.

However, it must be taken into account that remodeling involves an additional cost and that mortgage loans do not always give you resources to carry them out, so in many cases, the money will have to come out of your pocket.

If you can afford these extra expenses, a remodeled home will undoubtedly be a great investment because in the end you will get a higher amount than invested; You bought it at a lower price and you can increase its value and capital gain.

The purchase of properties for remodeling are also optimal for those who think about the patrimonial, that is, in the acquisition of a property thinking about family stability and improvement of the quality of life.

Although in terms of investment the return can be 25 to 35%.

It is important that before giving the yes to used property, you evaluate the amount that you will have to invest in the remodeling and if this is very high, you can always choose to analyze the new properties.

Land for construction


Although in Mexico City the acquisition of land for construction is much more scarce, in the outskirts of the country it is a highly viable option for those who intend to acquire a heritage or invest in real estate.

The value of the land has a direct relationship with the development of the city and with the permitted land use.

Therefore, experts suggest the acquisition of land in areas where there is already development on the horizon, as it means that there are already plans for the future in terms of infrastructure and access.

You should take into account that a land loan only considers the cost of the land, but additional expenses, such as investment amounts for construction on the area of ​​land acquired are not always included in this type of financing.

In any of these modalities, it is important that you identify, in the first instance, which is the best for you and that you can increase the investment percentage in a given period of time.

Obtaining a mortgage loan will help you materialize your investment plans and at ION Financiera we can advise you to capitalize.