How many m2 do you need to live with your family?

Are you looking for the best place to live with your family? Surely you have thought about how the perfect house would be for you and your family, but you do not know what options are in the real estate market and if they are adequate to the needs of your family.

This article exposes the needs that a family faces when it comes to having a place to live within CDMX.

It is essential to buy a home that adapts to what your family requires, with enough space in square meters so that all members of it can feel at home.

Is an apartment the best option for your family?


We agree that an apartment does not always respond to the needs of a large or growing family, since the spaces of the apartments for rent in CDMX are usually very small.

However, an apartment can become your ideal option if your family is small or you only live as a couple, since there are apartments with a large space that comply 100% with the functionality for not-so-large families.

If we are going to consider the possibility of living in an apartment, the ideal is that it is not through the rents, but that it is a space completely ours, right?

Large apartments, in square meters, can become a good option, but for a large family it is not always ideal and if your family is looking to grow, it may be better to consider other types of housing options that, most likely, they could cost the same as an apartment.

Will the average house be the best?


If a family plans to grow in number of members, it will also have to think about growth in terms of space. You will need a home with dimensions larger than an apartment and that it is functional for your lifestyle.

The ideal is to think of a house that has spaces that promote family coexistence and comfort so that each member can enjoy their individuality. In this type of case, the average home could become the ideal option.

Medium homes are usually the ideal space for couples or small families since despite being houses, they are not very large in square meters, so for a very large family, it might not be the ideal option.

However, we have to emphasize that they are much more comfortable than an apartment with small dimensions.

Although if you think about the best option in the real estate market, without a doubt, residential housing is a guarantee, since it has the comfort of spaces necessary for a large family or in order to grow, recreational areas, green areas, security, among many other qualities.

What do I need to know to make the best decision?


The first thing you have to consider to buy the best house on the market is: the space for the comfort of your family.

A large space in square meters and, also modern, allows interpersonal relationships with family members and your environment, to flow with warmth. This allows for rest after a day of work, caring for the children, and doing housework.

The second is the functionality of the space inside the house. An excellent distribution of the living areas among all the members of the family enables the strengthening of communication. Well, everyone adapts their space to their needs, respecting the care of common areas.

The next thing to take into account is the location since it is important that the place you choose as your new home connects with the important points of each element of the family, such as schools and work. Also, a well-located home greatly increases equity.

Another point to consider and that goes hand in hand with the location is security; It is important that you consider that if you will live as a family, a safe area is the best option for them.

The last point, but not least, are the recreational spaces. Modernity often tends to be confused with the absence of natural spaces and this is not always the case. Residential-type houses, for example, seek to promote this type of landscape in the home environment.

What are residential homes and why are they your best option?


Residential-type homes are all those homes that promote the concept of functionality, safety and comfort, through a luxurious, modern architectural design that allows contact with nature.

This type of housing becomes the best option for a family, not only for reasons of space but also of location, since they are located in the best areas of each city.

In general, in residential-type houses, urban and development growth does not hinder contact with your environment, or with your activities in your day-to-day life. And, of course, increasingly close to work, children’s schools and the best shopping centers.

Residential homes have a variety of square meters, designs, locations and all, with the best constructions. The guarantee of a residential home is that they are designed for comfort.

In addition, residential houses can be acquired in multiple ways, one of them is through mortgage loans.

Where to acquire the best mortgage credit?


ION Financiera offers mortgages that adjust to the way you generate and verify income, it does not matter if you earn by payroll, receipts, invoices, logs or even in cash, with us you will have a wide variety of options to verify your income and that you can have the house you want.

In addition, ION mortgage loans are based on a maximum term of 20 years, a minimum down payment of 10% and up to 10 million in financing to get your new home!

Plan your credit, deciding on the best square meters for you and your family.