Having a home is possible with ION Financiera

After analyzing it for some time and after having chosen which home to purchase, it is the appropriate time to take out a mortgage loan for the purchase of a house.

Once several options have been reviewed, it is important to choose the one that meets all the expectations generated. To quickly and effectively materialize the final decision, these tips and recommendations are a great help.


The economic and labor world today presents us with endless possibilities of income, among which we find:

– Self-employment in creative activities such as design, music, dance.

– Small companies of ecological, artisan, handmade products.

– Sales through non-traditional means; some people run a traditional job but have additional income through a small business or any type of business.

Faced with such complex but real circumstances, and within an increasingly dynamic society, innovation has been transcendental to generate a financial offer that responds to these income peculiarities.

Home purchase credit


When we are faced with the moment of requesting a loan, many times we think that it is tedious to collect all the documents, fill out applications and wait a long time to find an answer.

However, it is very important to open our range of possibilities and find a much fresher and more flexible financing proposal that will allow us to access the reality of buying our house in less time and through a friendly and open process to the particular circumstances of each client.

At ION Financiera we offer financing to individuals and companies that wish to invest in home purchases, presenting themselves to the market as a different option through:

1- Flexibility in income verification


Credit options are often focused on one or two types of clients, generally salaried employees who have social security.

However, at ION Financiera we know that the world is much broader and has decided to develop its own method to assess payment capacity as well as income verification, making it accessible to a greater number of people according to their various economic activities.

At ION Financiera, the most important thing is you and therefore, we serve different profiles with flexible modalities with which you can check income.

2- State-of-the-art experience, knowledge and information through our agents


We are a SOFOM regulated and active in financing the real estate industry, both for individuals and for home development companies.

We know the environment from its roots and we have the experience to provide our clients with the necessary consultancy for their case, from choosing a home to analyzing their possibilities of paying a certain monthly payment.

3- Wide portfolio of products based on the different income generation profiles


We will always find a credit solution for each type of client, both for individuals and for companies and even groups that are determined to make an investment in real estate projects.

4- Early payment options without penalty throughout the entire credit


This flexibility makes the proposal much more attractive and leaves us with the peace of mind of allocating those extraordinary income that we have to inject into the capital of the loan without risk of being penalized by the financial institution. ION Financiera is on our side.

5- Possibility of adding income with relatives and acquaintances


At ION Financiera we know the importance of achieving equity. Therefore, if your income, by itself, is not enough, there is co-accreditation.

This modality allows you to add your income with that of family members and even with friends so that you can get the property that you have proposed.

In this way, we join forces with you to achieve your goals through co-accreditation.

6- Fixed-rate and payments throughout the entire credit


One of the characteristics that we always look for when making financial decisions is certainty.

When our financing option offers us fixed rates and payments, we feel confident that as long as our circumstances do not change, it is possible to meet our commitments.

7- Alliances with public institutions


This is the case of COFINAVIT, in which the combination of financing between Infonavit and, in this case, ION Financiera is offered

8- FOVISSSTE Credits


Before any worker at the service of the State, it is our responsibility to provide all the advice and award a credit in a free way that is done through us, making the way to obtain a home very simple.

Finally, if it were the case that you already have a property, but need financing for new projects, we also have an offer that can be attractive. So the best thing is not to hesitate and enter the data to calculate the mortgage credit for the purchase of a house .