Complete your projects and inject capital into your business

Currently, we live in challenging times, the health emergency is the prelude for all companies to take new actions that do not slow down the stability or growth of their businesses.

If within your plans is to inject capital into your business to make it grow and this capital would come from your sales, for example, we have news so that you do not slow down your next achievements despite the circumstances.

One achievement leads to another


A very effective way to reach your goals is by injecting resources into projects that will allow you to obtain profits to continue growing your investment.

Currently, there are different ways to grow your business and one of them is through credit.

According to the InfoChannel medium, in recent years up to 32% of small and medium-sized companies have made use of financing to be able to experience growth in their production and yields.

There are different types of loans, but let’s focus on talking about a highly effective one to get your business boosted safely: liquidity credit.

Liquidity credit: the alternative to meet your goals


Consider that with the current situation, your business income will decelerate for a while, which will make that when the situation stabilizes and you can open your business again, it will be much more challenging to take off due to the losses registered during the global health episode.

You may wonder what a liquidity credit consists of, the answer is very simple. If you own a home, you can use it to meet new goals.

You will only have to put your property as collateral to reach financing for up to 50% of the total value of your property, a flow that will allow you to achieve the productive objectives you are pursuing.

A situation like the one we are currently experiencing requires measures that reactivate the stability of your business, therefore, injecting capital to make it grow through liquidity credit may be the best option.

Unlike any other type of credit that you can request, through a liquidity credit with a mortgage guarantee you will be able to have access to a greater amount of money than in personal credit, for example.

What you should know about a liquidity credit

In order to request your liquidity credit, you must take into account the following points that are of vital importance if you want to invest in your business:

1. Credit to boost the capital of your business


Although a liquidity loan allows you to use the resource for different purposes, the number one recommendation is that it be for those with which you can grow the capital of your business.

Therefore, this type of mortgage credit is recommended to be injected into your business, as it is an investment that will bring financial benefits for you and your family.

2. If approved, the capital will be transferred to your account


Hand in hand with the previous point, it is very important that you know this aspect of liquidity credits.

If you need liquidity credit to inject money into your business, expand it, buy machinery, raw materials or some other purpose. The resource will be transferred to your account so that you can make use of it whenever you need it.

In this way, when your liquidity credit is approved, the financial institution from which you requested it will be in charge of carrying out the operation and you will be able to use your liquidity credit to maintain your business.

3. Remember that your home will be your backup


The reason why liquidity credits can be of great help for your business, as we mentioned earlier, is that with these you will have access to a greater amount of money.

However, to be able to access one, you must leave real estate as collateral, with this, you will obtain your credit liquidity to accelerate the assets of your company, make it grow through an injection of capital and obtain the return on investment.

Undoubtedly, a liquidity loan will allow you to achieve the business goals you are pursuing, however, you should not leave aside that it is a financial commitment that you must fully comply with.

Inject capital into your business, a liquidity loan is an answer!


Do not let the current situation be an impediment for you to reach your goals. A liquidity loan is the best option for your business to grow and overcome any unforeseen event.

If you are interested in injecting capital into your business, consider ION Financiera as an option to achieve this goal. Through a liquidity credit with ION you can obtain up to 50% of the total value of your property.

Forget worries and start generating more returns with your liquidity credit. If you have already managed to buy your house, you will surely reach new goals. Remember that one achievement leads to another.