Close to 40 and still homeless? get your heritage now

There is always an age in which one wonders, is it time to acquire my property now ?, because sometimes we let the years go by and we do nothing about it.

Even today, there are people who reach 40 and still do not consider the possibility of acquiring their own assets.

It is very important to have an estate, since spending a lifetime renting might not be the best decision. All people, to some extent, seek comfort and privacy, and being in a place that does not belong to us might not be the best option.

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For these reasons, we are going to tell you about some of the advantages of having your own home and with what methods you can get it. This is because there are currently many options, but only some are the ones that are really worth it.

Why should I have my own house?


One of the reasons why it is recommended to acquire a heritage is to have control of what is done in it, because you can do whatever you want in your own space, such as infrastructure arrangements, remodeling, painting the walls, redecorating spaces, without having to request authorization from anyone.

Another reason is that it is an investment in the future since if you continue paying rent, you will be allocating money to something that is not yours when you can choose to acquire an asset that will not only belong to you, but you can even inherit your loved ones.

Finally, one of the strongest proofs of why you should get your home is if you already have a family, because with this each member will have space to do their homework or recreational activities without being interrupted, fostering the individuality of each one of them. Family integrants.

What is the house that I need?


To know what type of home you need, you must analyze your current situation, because if you do not have a family of your own, what you can do is buy an apartment that has the comforts you require.

This could have basic things such as its own bathroom and another for guests, kitchen, living room, at least two rooms for you to store all your things and, if possible, all have a closet.

On the other hand, if you have a family that is not large, a place that meets the needs of each element is recommended. In these cases, the house must have the same spaces that we mentioned in the previous paragraph and have at least 3 rooms with a space that guarantees the satisfaction of each element of the family.

If your family is large, you can consider a residential home among your options, since the characteristics of these are spacious rooms, garden, balconies, spacious rooms, more than 2 bathrooms, in short. These are spaces that will allow your family to have the freedom they need to carry out each of their activities and particular needs.

You should also consider that residential homes are a guarantee of comfort and increase in capital gains.

How do I pay for my property?


There are several ways to pay for the house you want, one of them may be saving your salary on a monthly basis, gathering the necessary amount to acquire it and making the purchase in cash, but it must be said that this is very time-consuming.

Another way is to request a loan from the bank, however, for such a method you must do many procedures that specifically involve having invoices and traditional proof of income. If in your case, you have a business that can prove the earnings in another way, the most likely thing is that the bank will reject the request.

If this is your case, we have another great option to get your assets and it is through a mortgage loan with ION Financiera, in which there is a facility to verify income in a non-traditional way.

At ION Financiera you can request a loan of up to 10 million pesos to apply for your home and you have the opportunity to choose a term of up to 20 years. Ask for the line of credit that best suits your needs and pre-qualify in a matter of minutes so that you know a real panorama of the mortgage credit that you can access.

It is time for you to be encouraged to buy.


With all the information we have given you, we consider that you already have a clearer notion of what it takes to have your property.

If we analyze carefully, there are more advantages than disadvantages, because as we have told you, you will have a stable place where no one will bother you and your relatives.

If the option of contracting a loan is the one that has attracted your attention the most, we invite you to contact ION Financiera, as you will find the way to obtain the home you deserve.

It is time to stop thinking and take action. Go for your own well-being and that of your family. Get your heritage now!