Choose a mortgage loan designed for you today

There is a point in life when acquiring an asset is essential. That is why we want to help you achieve this goal.

The acquisition of a mortgage loan will allow you to acquire the property you want and have an asset for life, however, you must make sure that this, is thinking especially for you, adjusts to your needs and payment possibilities.

You must make sure you choose the best option on the market, one that combines your financial possibilities with your aspirations, whether in terms of housing or investment in real estate.

In this article, we will guide you so that you decide on the option that has the best market conditions, with a product specifically designed for each profile of the applicant.

In addition, you will know the advantages and benefits it includes and you will be able to access the ION Financiera prequalifier, which will offer you a very approximate line of the credit line you need, instantly and free of charge.

ION Financiera, a company specialized in real estate financing


ION Financiera is a company specialized in granting mortgage loans with a real estate guarantee for the acquisition of housing, liquidity, land, purchase of premises, among others.

At ION Financiera you will be able to access a mortgage loan through non-traditional forms of income verification that will facilitate the way to get the property you want.

It is important to take into account all the aspects that influence the decision, delivery times, procedures, means of connection, guarantees, deadlines, etc. For this reason, we immediately outline the benefits that ION Financiera offers to its clients.

Prompt response


If there is a valuable and truly non-renewable resource it is time, how many circumstances can change if we delay our decisions by a few months or even a few days!

That is why ION Financiera seeks to reduce bureaucracy to a minimum, hoping that, if it solves its clients in less than 5 days, this means for them that it is complying with them in giving prompt response to their requests, thus supporting their personal affairs.

Ease of demonstrating your ability to pay


Aware that in today’s increasingly complex, changing, and challenging societies, economically active people seek multiple incomes and have diverse economic activities.

For this reason, ION Financiera undertook the task of designing its own method of evaluating payment capacity as well as verifying income, in order to achieve financial inclusion.

So if you are a person who is self-employed, you have a job and at the same time a business, or online business, some craft or artistic activity, we are sure that there is the option to demonstrate your ability to pay and that this is not an impediment to acquiring your home or property.

Fixed-rate and payments along with the credit


Certainty is a quality that, especially economically, we all want to have in our lives.

That is what we want to give when we offer fixed rates, as well as a payment that is not going to be modified and that will allow the client to organize their expenses and to fulfill their obligations continuously and on time.

Life and damage insurance


Regarding life insurance, it is valid in the event of death, total and permanent disability for the holder and co-borrower. It will initially serve to settle what is still pending payment.

On the other hand, damage insurance has an insured sum. So, when hiring we can be sure that, in the event of a mishap, our assets and, above all, our peace of mind is ensured.

Flexible financial institution


It is clear that ION Financiera is a company that is on the client’s side, therefore it offers the possibility of partnering with family and friends to make an effort and commit to the common good, reaching a better loan amount together.

Through us, you will be able to have more than one financial panorama that will surely adapt to your payment possibilities, according to your form of income.

Open to possible co-financing


In the context of public housing access institutions, such as Infonavit and Fovissste, there is the possibility of combining solvency with other financial institutions, thus generating products such as Cofinavit, which belongs to Infonavit.

As well as Traditional, Alia2, Pensiona2, Conyugal and Respalda2 which are those of Fovissste.

No prepayment penalty


Finally, like the icing on a cake, ION Financiera offers the possibility of anticipating our payments without applying any penalty, in such a way that, if our economic situation improves, there is no problem if we decide to advance and settle in less time; we can do it, we know it from today.

And since we have known all these advantages, there is no excuse to decide to take a mortgage loan with ION Financiera, so click here to calculate the ideal mortgage loan for you.