Building your own house Is it the best idea?

Having a home of your own is anyone’s wish, however, one of the most common dilemmas is buying or building.

You should consider that when building a house you will need time to supervise the progress of the work, buy all the materials, etc.

Once the work is finished, you also need to take time to furnish each of the spaces to your liking.

In this article, we tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of building a house as well as what you should consider before making a decision.

What you need to know before starting the construction of your home

1.- Basic information of the land: to build your own house you must know exactly the measurements of the land.

The main thing is that you verify and analyze if the size in which your new home will be is correct, for this, it is necessary that you obtain from the person who sold you the land a plan with the details and specific measurements of the plot.

2.- Approved permits: before starting the construction of your house, you must request the municipal permit of your locality, so you will have to inform yourself correctly of the steps to follow so that you do not have legal problems while the work is being carried out.

3.- Personnel payment process: when hiring a team of electricians and workers, it is best to divide the work process into stages.

That way, you can calculate the payment for completed work and not per week. This way you will avoid exceeding your budget.

4.- Safety: it is necessary that you require the appropriate attributes to protect the safety of the personnel working in the construction, do not put them at risk by trying to reduce costs.

5.- Adequate services: it is vital that your home has a drainage system so that you can avoid problems in the future.

It is also important that you evaluate the location of the connections for each of the basic services such as water, electricity, gas, internet, cable TV and telephone.

6.- Materials from local areas: when you have defined the materials that are going to be used in the construction of your house, the most convenient thing is that you choose to buy them in the local area or close to the work.

If you make that decision you will be saving money and the delivery will be more viable.

Advantages of building your own home

1.-One of the main advantages when building your new home is that you will participate openly in the design process, so it will be totally personalized.

You will be the pioneer in all the planning of the work, from the foundations to the decoration of the furniture.

These choices can be made according to your needs, preferences and tastes.

2.-The distribution of the house will be unique and your way, because you can decide the measurements of the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and even the garden with specific specifications.

It also allows you to choose the number of spaces you need such as a guest room or a small study.

3.-You can choose the materials to your liking, with the quality, colors and models you want.

You will be autonomous to choose the parquet or marble for the floor, the bathroom and kitchen taps, as well as the paint tones for the walls of each space in your house.

4.-You will have control over your budget, since being in command of the construction you will be able to adapt your resources to the needs of the work.

Disadvantages of building your own house

1. Among the main disadvantages is the time it will take to finish the entire project.

When making the decision to build a house on your own, you should consider the possibility that it will be a slow process, which requires deadlines to define the design and then start the work.

2. You have to be very clear about the cost of construction as well as the additional variables that may arise.

You must make a very clear budget of what it will cost you, from the architect, labor, materials to the payment of the person in charge of the work.

Among the variables or additional expenses are licenses and permits, as well as changes in the project, since if you suddenly come up with some modifications that you think you cannot do without, that will affect the initial budget.

3. Take into account that time is required to participate in decision-making, creation of the design, selection of the land, choice of materials and all the necessary details to carry out your construction project.

Analyze all the data that we present to you and consciously decide if this is the right option for you taking into account your personal finances: it is about fulfilling your wish without affecting your present.